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This is the float set kit designed for the 20cc DHC-2 Beaver kit.  Drawn from DeHavilland Canada blueprints, they feature a near-scale outline that looks the part.  The floats are available in two versions:  either WITH STRUTS for mounting to the 20cc Beaver kit, or WITHOUT.  This item number, MMW00114, is for the kit WITHOUT STRUTS INCLUDED so they can be used on models other than the 20cc Beaver.


Measuring 41" long, they are suitable for use on models that are .60-sized or 15cc-20cc.  While the spacing struts are included that set the distance between each float, there are no struts included for mounting the floats to the airplane.  (The Beaver mounting struts are custom-designed to fit the near-scale strut mounting locations on the Beaver fuselage, so adapting these struts to fit on another aircraft would be very challenging.)  Mounting of these floats to different aircraft is the responsibility of the modeler.


These floats are all-wood and in kit form, consisting mostly of laser-cut balsa and balsa plywood.  Fittings such as float strut mounts and water rudders are included, as are spacing struts, diagonal braces, clevises, and all screws, nuts, and washers for assembly.  Construction is not difficult, with strategic tab-and-slot design to aid assembly while maintaining as much water integrity as possible.  They are intended to be finished with fiberglass cloth and paint for the best durability and water resistance.  We suggest using your favorite 3/4 oz cloth overall with an extra layer of 2 oz cloth on the bottom, forward of the step, for added durability.


Dual water rudders are included for the best scale appearance, although only one is likely required for control.  Two mini servos are required to drive the water rudders, along with two 18"-24" servo extensions and a Y-harness.


The plans and instruction manual are both available for download in the "Manual and Plans" section on this product page on the right side when viewed on a computer.

41" Floats for 20cc Beaver - WITHOUT STRUTS

SKU: MMW00114
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