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  Wingspan:   91.4 in. (2.32m)

       Length:   57.6 in. (1.46m)

Wing Area:   904 sq. in. (58.3 sq dm)

      Weight:   12-13 lb. (5.4-5.9 kg)


Our first kit is a 1/6.3 scale DHC-2 Beaver, designed to use a DLE-20 engine or an E-flite Power 60 electric motor with a 6S, 5000mAh Li-Po battery.  Drawn from factory blueprints, it features a 100% scale outline.


Wings and tail surfaces are traditional balsa construction, and the fuselage is primarily lite-ply.  Tab-and-slot construction ensures straightness of the fuselage.  Laser-cutting is used extensively to ensure parts accuracy.  The kit comes complete with all required wood, fiberglass parts, vacuum-formed plastic parts, landing gear, carbon fiber wing tube, pushrods, hardware, plans, and detailed instruction manual.  Depending upon building speed, construction should take approximately 100 to 150 hours.


The cowl, wing tips, and landing gear fairings are fiberglass, while the windshield, windows, tail fairings, seats, upper carb intake and oil cooler are all vacuum-formed plastic.  Two-piece, plug-in wings make transport and storage convenient, and the entire windshield removes as a large front access hatch to make battery or fuel tank access a breeze.  


Two options are provided to allow modelers to customize their kits. First, a fiberglass lower carb intake or "chin scoop" is included, allowing the modeler to choose between upper or lower intakes depending upon the specific Beaver he wants to model. Second, three options are provided for the rear side windows: a single round window, a single rectangular window, or dual rectangular windows.


Note that the instruction manual can be downloaded in pdf format in the "manual" section of this product page, as well as a drawing of the cowl with dimensions to help builders determine if their engine will fit inside.

20cc DHC-2 Beaver

SKU: MMW00100
  • Electric Power System

    E-flite Power 60, 400Kv (EFLM4060A) or equivalent

    60A+ ESC, Castle Creations Talon 90 recommended (CSE010009700) or Spektrum Avian 80A Smart ESC (SPMXAE1080

    5000mAh 6S 22.2V 30C LiPo Battery

    16 x 8E Propeller (suggest APC16080E)



    Gas (Petrol) Power System

    DLE-20, DLE-20RA (DLEG0020 or DLEG0420) or equivalent

    Fuel Tank, Propeller

    Ignition battery and switch, OR iBEC


    Radio Equipment

    2 x Standard size servos, 75+ oz-in torque 

    4-5 Mini servos, 60+ oz-in torque

    6-channel receiver, minimum

    6-channel computer transmitter with flap-elev mixing, aileron-rudder mixing, and differential aileron throw strongly recommended


    Although mini servos are recommended for the flaps, ailerons, and throttle, standard servos may be used.


    Other Completion Items

    Wheels, Covering material

    Glue, paint

    See instruction manual for a complete list



Replacement Parts of interest ...